IKEA : un des champions de l’évasion fiscale en Europe ; le gouvernement belge décide d’enquêter



Vu du Luxembourg, « ce n’est pas nous, c’est les autres » – « les autres le font aussi ! »





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Un article du journal « Le Monde » (14 février)


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Please feel free to share once it is all public (it will be accessible from website : www.greens-efa.eu). This is a timely report as Mr Moscovici will come to TAXE on Wednesday 17 of February (17h30 – 19h30) and Mr Dijsselbloem, on behalf of the Dutch Presidency, will come to ECON in the European Parliament on Thursday 18 of February. The Greens will make sure to question them both on this case.

L’étude présentée par Sven Giegold, Verts Européens :



One of the techniques presented in the report is shifting royalties from each IKEA store to a subsidiary of the Inter IKEA group in the Netherlands, which acts as a conduit. The royalties go in and out the Netherlands untaxed and ends up in Liechtenstein (at least for part of it). For 2014 alone, we have some national estimations of the tax loss:

  1. Germany: €35 million
  2. France: €24 million
  3. UK: €11.6 million
  4. Sweden: €10 million
  5. Spain: €7.7 million
  6. Belgium: €7.5 million
  7. Austria: €4 million
  8. Denmark: €3,4 million

Finally, the report also includes recommendations you are all familiar with, for example:

  • 1. The Council should adopt a more ambitious anti-BEPS package that will tackle more tax loopholes.
  • 2. We need greater transparency of multinationals’ activities: this means public CBCR and public tax rulings and fighting tax secrecy in general
  • 3. We need to move towards more tax harmonisation in Europe. It is time for a CCCTB (with the consolidation part).
  • 4. National and European authorities may want to open formal investigations, as it has been done for other big companies in the past.