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Nouveau canal d’alerte de la BCE: succès pour la protection des lanceurs d’alerte (blog de S.Giegold)

La BCE a annoncé qu’elle allait introduire un canal de signalement interne amélioré pour les lanceurs d’alerte. Il s’agit d’une réalisation majeure sur la voie d’un plus grand soutien pour tous ceux qui découvrent les fautes professionnelles dans l’intérêt du bien commun. Trop souvent, les lanceurs d’alerte font l’objet de représailles considérables, perdent leur emploi ou sont poursuivis pour leurs révélations de mauvaise administration dans les institutions publiques.

Dans une lettre de 2019, j’avais demandé à la BCE de mettre en place un canal d’alerte conformément à la directive européenne sur les lanceurs d’alerte. Le fait que la BCE réponde désormais à cette demande est un grand succès. Le nouveau canal de signalement interne répond à des normes importantes, telles que, pour la première fois, la possibilité de faire des signalements anonymes.

Des scandales d’une ampleur considérable ont été mis au jour par PanamaPapers, Dieselgate ou récemment par les dossiers FinCEN. Nous devons ces révélations à des lanceurs d’alerte courageux qui ont fait passer le bien commun avant leur propre avantage. Les meurtres de Daphne Caruana Galizia et Jan Kuciak montrent combien il est important de protéger ceux qui découvrent des activités illégales.

Avec des salutations européennes vertes,

Sven Giegold


Communiqué de presse de la BCE:

Ma question écrite à la BCE:

Réponse de la BCE:


S’agit-il d’un complot de la part du tribunal et du parquet  suisse ? – L. Komisar


A suivre sur le site de Rudolf Elmer :


Bientôt un livre et de nouvelles infos de Rudolf Elmer :


European Court of Human Rights, Strasbourg

Rudolf Elmer against Switzerland 2019

Thank you to all my supporters and allow me to provide you with more insight of this terrible odyssee of Swiss Bank Secrecy and fair trail for Swiss but also non-Swiss Whistleblowers!

It is hight time to say a big thank to all my supporters!
You help my family and me to be positive even in very diffcult times and we all hope ECHR does what it is supposed to do protect Human Rights!

Today, I like to share with you some insight why I do, what  I do because I know it is not anymore about me, it is about you, about the people and also HUMAN RIGHTS FOR WHISTLEBLOWERS AND THEIR FAMILILES.

There war wonderful people out there trying their very best to change the world for the better and have supported the battle WHISTBLOWER RUDOLF ELMER against SWITZERLAND. They realised that concientious objectors (Whistleblower) must be protect under Human Rights and most importantly deserve a fair trail!

These are the people who I would like to express my deepest gratitute because they have given me wonderful support even during dark hours in this battle David against Goliath. I am thankful to : 

1) The holly  Pope Franziskus who wrote me a letter and he is praying and supporting me going my way when I sent him my complaint about  SWITZERLAND`s dubious judicial system.

2) Former President of the EU Parliament Martin Schulz who also wrote a letter letting me know  that he would do what he could to help my family and me.

3) Fabio De Masi member of German Bundestag and former EU Parlamentarian who expressed his concerns directly at ECHR by sending a letter to ECHR as many others did as well I was told. It is highly appreciated!

4) Julian Assange even though once in a while I did not go along with him but what is happening to him today is discasting!

5) The letter by Dr. iur. Markus H.F. Mohler, former Comander of Cantonal Police Basel, which was an eye-opener to me to learn from an expert in Swiss policing how badly Zurich`s judicial system treated my family and me. A man with the right values!

6) The Swiss Federal Concillor Simonetta Sommaruga who spent the time to deal with my issues several times and help as much as she was entitled to. I deeply admire her, she is a people`s person!

7) Consul General Ernst Steinmann the Swiss Ambassador in Stuttgart after he watched the documentary « Offshore: Elmer and Swiss Bank Secrecy » he hardly could believe what is going on with change agents in beloved country of Switzerland.

8) Anne Will, German TV moderator, a letter saying thank you and 4,4 million Germans watched TV Talkshow were I was a guest.

9) Günter Jauch, German TV moderator, a letter saying thank you and 4,5 million Germans watched TV Talkshow were I was a guest as well.

10) All those great journalists who reported about this battle to their very best of their knowledge and believe.

Most importantly, you, yes you, the man/woman in the street who provided me with much inspiration and great motivation to continue the fight in favour of civil society. A civil society which deserves justice!

Lastly,  my brilliant lawyer Ganden Tethong, my wonderful wife and my lovely daughter and my friends.

Therefore, I honestly hope, that the ruling of the European Court of Human Rights will end the terrible odyssee of Swiss Bank Secrecy in my forth attempt to request to have established my human rights at the European Court of Human Rights!

I let you know at the approriate time when I will be in a position to comment on the ruling of ECHR once it is out.




(WikiLeaks and Elmer`s first attempt in May 14th, 2008 to show Swiss Bank Secrecy is a criminal law etc. and identifying the culprits English version and a German version is also available)
May I kindly ask you to forward this email to potential supporters
of Rudolf Elmer ASAP (see below WHY). Thank you!

The Swiss Whistleblower`s Initiative

Taking Switzerland to the European Court of Human Rights in order to gain more protection for whistleblowers in 2019!


A dubious Federal Court Verdict against Rudolf Elmer, October 10th, 2019 and in Rudolf Elmer`s view what is the truth and what are facts (quote):

« A morally corrupt Swiss judicial system and a Swiss witch hunt related to Whistleblower Rudolf Elmer in order threaten other Swiss whistleblowers not to come forward and put the spotlight on wrongdoings in Switzerland! »

The Federal Verdict     

Federal Court of Switzerland confirmed after a legal battle of close to 14 years that Rudolf Elmer on Oct. 10th, 2018 (the backdated ruling Elmer received only Feb 14th, 2019) has defeated SWISS BANK SECRECY first time in Swiss history since 1934but he is guilty of
1)      Falsifying a document “Merkel letter” in 2007 (every reader could identify easily it as a fabrication and it was pointed out  it is a fabrication but for Rudolf Elmer it was a test if WikiLeaks is the first media which would publish what it was uploaded by a whistleblower.  Beforehand Elmer learned that Swiss media constantly turned down to publish any data of Julius Baer and only performed diffamation on the whistleblower  or even handed the data directly to Julius Baer like so-called « Swiss CASH-CD » of the newspaper CASH)
2)      Making a threat in 2006 to a « dirty pig »: General Counsel of JB Ch. Hiestand
and therefore Rudolf Elmer is punished with 14 months of imprisonment on probation and has to cover approx. CHF 320`000 court fees without receiving any compensation for the torture-like solitary confinement (23 hours locked in a cell) of 220 days, falsely request life-long professional ban by prosecutors and all other expenses Rudolf Elmer had, all due to blowing the whistle on Julius Baer, Cayman. Lastly, the probation period is three years.
What Swiss authorities achieved in this 14-year legal battle most importantly that no investigation was performed against Julius Baer and its dubious staff members and that no investigation was performed on a big scale against Swiss tax evaders and international criminals in order to demonstrate that Switzerland is a safe haven for all sorts of money and non-financial-assets.
Rudolf Elmer achieved that Julius Baer`s office in the Cayman Islands as well as in New York had to be closed down partially due to his initiative with WikiLeaks. On top it to take of the dubious mask of the Swiss judicial system which acts as the protector of the Golden Calf of Swiss Bank Secrecy.
Swiss authorities and Elmer Swiss counterparties have also achieved that
1) Rudolf Elmer encounter the social, financial and professional death
2) Rudolf Elmer still suffers from an irreversible reputational damage because he was called mostly in the Swiss media a thief, a blackmailer, a terrorist, psychological sick person and a neo-Nazi (not the Fine Art of Swiss Banking but the Fine Art of Swiss psycho terror orchestered by ?JB?!)
3) Rudolf Elmer encountered 220 days solitary confinement (23 hours in a cell and his wife was not allowed to visit him for six months)
4) Rudolf Elmer suffered from a severe stress disorder and serious physical problems (two breakdowns even in the court room December 10th, 2014 on the Human Rights Day) caused by harassment of the private detectives and the judicial system
5) Rudolf Elmer`s eleven-year-old child committed a suicide attempt caused by prosecutors, private detectives and Swiss judges according to her suicide note
6) Rudolf Elmer and his relatives had to learn the hard way that in Switzerland kin liability is still possible.
The world is anything but a peaceful place. However, for many people it comes with a big surprise that Switzerland is one of those places where not only the profits of so many crimes end up or even the crimes are initiated and carried out in other countries but conscientious objectors and truth tellers are treated as enemy of the state.
This is mostly possible because Switzerland does not have any whistleblower protection law in the private sector and will have none of it in the near future as it is already indicated by the Swiss Parliament.
A Whistleblower protection law in the private sector would be a « deadly threat » to many industries in Switzerland particularly the Financial Industry of Zurich where Rudolf Elmer and his family have been fighting for justice by returning to Switzerland and going into the lion`s cage in 2010.
Rudolf Elmer has run out of funds (e.g. using partly his pension funds assets to defend himself at the Federal Court of Switzerland) and he cannot take this crucial case for civil society without the support of a brilliant German lawyer to the European Court of Human Rights or even the United Nations.
On the other hand, it is high time that Switzerland`s judges have to learn that there is an international civil society is out there which does not accept what Rudolf Elmer did not have a fair trail and he had to go through a court for 14-years. It is even worse because the Federal Court decided certain aspects of the verdict to the Higher Court of Zurich for reevaluation.
Rudolf Elmer is now looking for financial support to allow this to happen that Switzerland faces international judges which are not bias as the Swiss appeared to be. People not only in Switzerland but also abroad already have stated this several times.
May I kindly ask you to give Rudolf Elmer an indication on how much you are willing to donate in a crowdfunding action in order to collect approx. EUR 40`000 to hire a brilliant German speaking lawyer.
Please send an email to email: with an indication of how much you would kindly support this initiative “Taking Switzerland in the Swiss Whistleblower case to the European Court of Human Rights ».


LATEST NEWS (click)  A whistleblower`s war against offshore banking (insight Rudolf Elmer). A single-handed fight against the Swiss banking system and its protector the judicial system of Switzerland according to the journalist.


 La loi du secret bancaire suisse ne pouvait être appliquée au cas Elmer … !
Elmer`s case turns into a Swiss judicial scandal as the Sonntagszeitung already predicted in 2016. The link to the Newspaper.Secondly, the Neue Zürcher Zeitungstated already in 2011 that Swiss Bank Secrecy cannot be applied to the « Elmer Case » which Elmer`s lawyer Ganden Tethong stated already Oct. 10th, 2005, 14 years ago! (evidence)
After 14 years of legal battle Elmer received an acquittal related to Swiss Bank Secrecy at the Federal Court of Switzerland. However, he is expected to pay CHF 320`000 court fees! The Federal Court cancelled the Court Ruling of the Higher Court except the acquittal of Swiss Bank Secrecy on Oct. 10th, 2018. The case is therefore pending!

Le canton de Berne est-il plus intelligent que l’Union européenne ?

URGENT: Are the Swiss people of the Canton of Bern

much smarter than EU Finance Ministers in

recognising Global Tax Dumbing Schemes?

Link to the German article and news 

The key locomotive of global tax dumping Switzerland deserves the Red Card in respect of the proposed  Tax Reform 17 because of the tax avoiding tools:
Patent Boxes, R&D costs, Notional Interest Deduction, tax free release of hidden reserves, considerable tax rate deduction on the canton level
The Swiss Canton of Bern (see below) has already shown the Red Card to the
Swiss Tax Reform 17!
The EU Parliament resp. EU FINANCE MINISTERS  appear NOT TO CONSIDER  theRED CARD for Swiss Tax Reform 17  resp.  blacklist  Switzerland on the meetingMarch 13th, 2019. What a shame!

Swiss Tax Reform 17 fair or unfair or even criminal?

Ana Maria Gomes: social MEP EU Parliament and EU Tax Commission TAS03
Marion Bethel: lawyer, UN Committee Elimination of Discrimination against Woman,
Walter Angst, Urs Stauffer (Swiss Tax Expert) Rudolf Elmer (CPA), Michael Schmid

Link to news article and statements made:    Link English      Link German

Ana Maria Gomes: « Tax anomalies can now be better detected – not least thanks to various data leaks. However, this development is being slowed down at the national level, where corporations are exerting strong pressure on governments.Here, the population must exert an equally strong counter-pressure! »

Marion Bethel: she showed how international tax dumping in favour of global corporations discriminates against women in two ways. On the one hand, the relocation of profits to tax havens and low-tax countries means that locally developed tax substrates are withdrawn from developing and emerging countries. On the other hand, aggressive corporate tax dumping in low-tax countries quickly leads to savings programmes and expenditure cuts. In both cases, funds for equal opportunities for women are withdrawn from public budgets.

Urs Stauffer,   » new tax privileges for companies particularly multi-national conglomerates (MNC) will be approved. The Swiss Federal Council and Parliament would have left it at cosmetic retouching. The old privileges, at least the majority of which are transparent, will be replaced by new ones!

Rudolf Elmer: he particularly emphasized the numerous new possibilities of manipulation in the – non-public – tax balance sheet, which are opened up by the patent box, the over deduction for research and development and the self-financing deduction, release of tax free hidden reserves!

Please take actions and forward this email to friends and supporters for fair taxation.

1) Presentation of Rudolf Elmer February 24th,2019 (Link German)
2) Insight « Swiss Tax Game » to the Chair of the « EU  Special Committee of financial crimes » Mr. Petr Jezek  by Rudolf Elmer October 2nd, 2018  (Link English)



Will GOOGLE, like WELTWOCHE, Chief Editor Roger Köppel and journalist Alex Bauer lose in court against Cantonal Council Candidate of Zurich Rudolf Elmer?
Rudolf Elmer`s complaint (confirmation): It is to be determined that the defendants describe the plaintiff by the search machine « » under the search term« Datendieb Elmer » as a data thief and spread it today still further, by the defendants the title to the pictures of Rudolf Elmer with « Bilder zu Datendieb elmer bzw. Images for Rudolf Elmer Datendieb » and to unlawfully violate and continue to violate his personal rights with the reference « Further pictures of Datendieb elmer or more Images for Rudolf Elmer Datendieb » on the search website. This also applies to the terms « Bilder zuErpresser Rudolf Elmer bzw. Images for Rudolf Elmer Erpresser ».
The presumption of innocence applies to GOOGLE Switzerland and its CEO Patrick Gerhard Warnking.

Wird GOOGLE gleich wie WELTWOCHE, Chefredaktor Roger Köppel und Journalist Alex Bauer gegen Zürcher Kantonsratskandidat Rudolf Elmer vor Gericht verlieren?

Rudolf Elmers Anzeige (Bestätigung): Es ist festzustellen, dass die Beklagten den Kläger durch die Suchmaschine « unter dem Suchbegriff« Datendieb Elmer » als Datendieb bezeichnen und heute noch weiterverbreiten, indem die Beklagten den Titel zu den Bildnern von Rudolf Elmer mit « Bilder zu Datendieb elmer bzw. Images for Rudolf Elmer Datendieb » überschreiben und ihn mit dem Hinweis « Weiterer Bilder zu Datendieb elmer bzw. more images for Rudolf Elmer Datendieb » auf der Suchwebseite widerrechtlich in seiner Persönlichkeitsrechten verletzen und weiterhin verletzen. Das gilt auch für die Bezeichnungen « Bilder zu Erpresser Rudolf Elmer bzw. Images for Rudolf Elmer Erpresser » und « Weitere Bilder zu Erpresser Rudolf Elmer bzw. more images for Rudolf Elmer Erpresser ». 

Die Unschuldsvermutung gilt für Google Schweiz und deren CEO Patrick Gerhard Warnking.

Whistleblower Rudolf Elmer warns from the Self-determination Initiative of the Swiss People Party of Switzerland

 Der GRECO Report 2017 (Group of States against Corruption, Council of Europe, Summary of the report says it all!) zu der Schweiz ist äusserst bedenklich für ein Land, das die SVP als Vorzeigestaat mit der Direkten Demokratie weltweit verkauft.


NAU.CH (Interview) The whistleblower and ex-banker is fighting against the self-determination initiative of the Swiss People Party. Especially for whistleblowers like him, the additional protection of international law is crucial. He had gone through social, financial and professional death. « Legally, I was crucified at Paradeplatz! » This initiative is damaging to the country in the long term, our judges are not controlled, Switzerland has no constitutional court …. NAU.CH
The GRECO Report 2017 (Group of States against Corruption, Council of Europe, the summary or the report says it all!) on Switzerland is extremely worrying for a country and particularly the Swiss People Party marketing Switzerland as a flagship state with Direct Democracy and as a role model of a constitutional state.


Une victoire ! la Suisse ne peut pas imposer sa loi du secret bancaire partout dans le monde …

Whistleblower Rudolf Elmer’s court victory: the long arm of Swiss secrecy law gets shorter

Swiss Bank Secrecy and
Swiss domiciled banks in trouble?

Swiss Banking Secrecy rule dealt setback in month to forget (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg: While the bad October started with the Swiss government`s data transfers, the Baer ruling raises difficult questions about how Swiss banks can in future control the flow of information out of tax havens around the globe. Lenders had been able to safeguard foreign clients`anonymity through the nation`s legendary bank secrecy laws.

But last week the Supreme Court put clear geographic limits on Article 47 Swiss Bank Secrecy when it upheld the acquittal of whistleblower Rudolf Elmer…..

The verdict was deliverd after Jacquemoud-Rossari and the other judges expressed their opinions at a public hearing, an unusual format (statistically it happens only in 0,3 % of all federal rulings) that shows it was intended for a broader audience, said Ursula Cassani, a University of Geneva law professor: « It is a precedent as precedents go in Switzerland, » Cassani said.

« They want the limited liability, the tax advantages such a structure offers and then they want to have extraterritorial application of Swiss bank Secrecy law » 
says the Prof. Alexander of the University of Zurich.

Link to the article of Bloomberg


Swiss top court knocks down bid to extend Swiss banking secrecy

A history making victory for

Swiss Whistleblower Rudolf Elmer

LAUSANNE, Switzerland (Link to Reuters) – Switzerland’s highest court ruled on Wednesday that prosecutors cannot extend Swiss banking secrecy rules to all corners of the globe to pursue whistleblowers and other leakers at foreign subsidiaries.
Far Reaching consequences
Elmer, who was in the courtroom, expressed relief at the verdict. « my reaction is positive, definitely,  » he told Reuters, calling the verdict – which is final – a blow to tax dodgers trying to hide behind Swiss Bank Secrecy …… and much more


A nightmare for the part of the dubious

Swiss Banking Industry that

little Rudolf Elmer

won the legal battle in the lions cage of




Ce 10 octobre 2018, 10 juristes débattront pour savoir si la loi suisse condamne Elmer au nom du secret bancaire :




on October 10th, 2018, 09.15 in Lausanne (Click LINK)

Public Hearing: Can Swiss Bank Secrecy be applied extra-territorially or not that is the key question!

It is ultra highly exceptional that the Federal Court of Switzerland decides to perform a public debate about any legal case. However, if the five judges do not agree on the verdict, one of the judges requests a public hearing or the head judge wants to have a public debate, then, under Swiss law civil society is invited to listen to the arguments of the judges. Based on experience such a public hearing could last up to 3 to 5 hours and therefore will provide a brilliant insight of the entire legal case and more importantly: THE FINAL SWISS VERDICT. In this case  it is clearly not about the whistleblower case Rudolf Elmer, it is about the key questions:

« Swiss Bank Secrecy to be or not to be » 
(more click:

An other acquittal (Higher Court of Zurich`s verdict was an acquittal on August 19th, 2016)  would definitely mean that SWISS BANK SECRECY ends on the border of Switzerland and therefore offshore structures such as Trusts, Companies, Special Purpose vehicles who are legally set up and domiciled in e.g. Cayman, British Vergin Islands, Isle of Man etc. holding a Swiss Bank account with a Swiss bank domiciled in Switzerland will not be protected anymore outside Switzerland! 


The head judges will be Mr. Christian Denys who turned down the complaint against the present General Counsel of the Julius Baer Group, Christoph Hiestand LL.M. even though the General Counsel lied in the investigation, withheld Elmer`s Cayman employment contract etc (more here: Elmer`s complaint of October 24th, 2017 and  the federal courts` verdict of December 12th, 2017). The complaint of Rudolf Elmer and the head judge`s reasoning will provide you with important and shocking insight how the entire legal case was handled by Swiss Authorities and gives you key information to the Public Hearing of the Federal Court October 10th, 2018.

Finally, one has to register in order to attend the Public Hearing of the Federal Court of Switzerland on October 10th, 2018, 09.15 AM (limited seats, weblink for registration)


After 14 years of numerous legal battles it appears that a final decision is in sight in respect of the violation of Swiss Bank Secrecy or will the Federal Court of Switzerland return the entire case to the Higher Court of Zurich to revise its decision to charge Elmer with CHF 320`000 legal fees!
Federal Court of Switzerland
Head judges:  Mr. Christian Denys
other judges:  Mrs. Laura Jacquemoud-Rossari, Mr. Yves Rüedi, other two unknown.These judges forced Rudolf Elmer to spend a big part of his pension fund money to pay his lawyer Ganden Tethong otherwise he would not have any defence in the Federal Court of Switzerland!


La Suisse et 5 lanceurs d’alerte :


Ce que signifierait un acquittement de R.Elmer  

What would an acquittal of Rudolf Elmer related to charges of Swiss banking secrecy violation by Swiss federal judges mean for the Swiss banking industry in general?

All offshore vehicles (trusts, companies, partnerships etc.) holding a Swiss bank account would no longer be protected outside Switzerland, even though the information of the Swiss bank accounts is sent to Cayman, Jersey, Delaware etc. for accounting and administration purposes. The information would be accessible for foreign authorities from the point in time when the information on the Swiss Bank account crosses the Swiss border. The business model of using offshore jurisdictions like Cayman, Jersey UK, Isle of Man etc. to set up trusts, companies, and partnerships would not work anymore because the Swiss judicial system will no longer be able to protect the information – they will only be able to do that if the bank account is based in Switzerland.

An acquittal of whistleblower Rudolf Elmer would be a real setback for Swiss banking secrecy. However, jurisdictions like Jersey UK, the Isle of Man, Monaco, Hong Kong etc. will profit because the bank accounts of their local offshore vehicles (trusts, companies etc.) will be held in their jurisdictions under the secrecy law of that jurisdiction. Because Switzerland does not have any trust law, partnership law etc. it means that many bank accounts will be moved to the place where the trusts, companies etc. are domiciled respectively set up!

Zurich`s Higher Prosecution Office and Julius Baer arrogantly took this highly political case to the Federal Court of Switzerland in November 2016 hoping that the Swiss federal judges could bend and stretch the law again in order to prosecute Rudolf Elmer for violating Swiss banking secrecy. Now, this potential and crucial legal defeat might not only backfire on the Swiss finance industry but also on the entire Swiss offshore sector!

Swiss Parliament turned down the reform of the archaic tax law where tax evasion is only an offence and not a crime in December 2016. Therefore, international assistance in tax matters will be very limited. In addition, there is no whistleblower protection law in place in the private sector in Switzerland. All in order to protect the dubious Swiss business of certain international service providers (banks, tax lawyers, Big Fours etc.)!

Such a legal defeat for the Higher Prosecution Office of Zurich and Julius Baer would represent another Barbara Streisand Effect after WikiLeaks in 2008 and 2011.

More importantly, acquittal by the federal judges would not only be a disaster for the financial industry of Switzerland but also for the industries such as commodity trading, precious metal refining, insurance, food, the pharmaceutical industry etc. due to the fact that the money flow from those industries go through Swiss bank accounts and all too often through global offshore jurisdictions as well.

This goes to show how greed is the wrong motivator, not only in the banking industry but also this same greed underlying the actions of judges, the police, Julius Baer, and some of the Swiss media in giving a whistleblower a hard time and failing to act in the interest of the public, including the Swiss public.

Swiss prosecutors seek widening of secrecy law to bankers abroad



By Brenna Hughes Neghaiwi and Anjuli Davies

ZURICH/LONDON, Oct 31 (Reuters) – Swiss prosecutors are seeking a court ruling that would make it easier to convict whistleblowers for breaking the country’s bank secrecy law wherever they are in the world, legal documents show.

The Swiss Banking Act requires employees of Swiss-regulated banks to keep client information confidential, but a number of staff have leaked account details to foreign authorities in the past decade as Western governments crack down on tax evasion.

The documents, dated Nov. 21 2016, form the basis for an appeal by the prosecutors to the Swiss Federal Supreme Court against the acquittal last year of former private banker Rudolf Elmer on charges brought under the secrecy law.

Elmer, who headed the Cayman Islands office of Swiss private bank Julius Baer until he was dismissed in 2002, later sent documents revealing alleged tax evasion to the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks and to tax authorities across the globe.

Zurich’s upper court ruled last year that the bank secrecy law did not apply to him as an employee of the Caribbean subsidiary, rather than of the parent bank in Zurich.

In their appeal, the prosecutors argue that if they cannot apply the law to people connected to Swiss banks outside the country, this deprives banking secrecy of its substance « with far-reaching consequences that cannot be accepted ».

Under Swiss law, no public hearing will be held but the documents show the Federal Supreme Court is considering the written appeal. On June 9, 2017, it invited Elmer’s side to make a written response, which his lawyer has since submitted. The court is expected to issue a written judgment next year.

A spokeswoman for Zurich’s senior prosecutors declined to comment beyond noting: « It’s up to the supreme court to decide on open questions. » Julius Baer also declined to comment.


Elmer was arrested twice in Switzerland, in 2005 and in 2011, and spent over seven months in investigative custody.

« I was defamed, criminalised and isolated, » he told Reuters, adding that the prosecutors were trying to set an example of what could happen to people who speak out and to their families. « The law in this case has been bent, stretched and, most importantly, abused by the judicial system of Zurich in order to protect its money-making machine. »

Switzerland is the world’s largest centre for overseas wealth management and in recent years has responded to international pressure, especially from the European Union and United States, for greater transparency.

This includes participation in the Automatic Exchange of Information programme, an agreement among developed economies which aims to ensure that offshore accounts are known to tax authorities in the account holders’ country of residence.

If the appeal is successful, the ruling would have no legal basis in most countries as they have no bank secrecy rules, so Switzerland could not extradite people from the likes of Britain or the United States on such charges. However, accused people would be vulnerable to arrest if they entered Switzerland or could face the stigma of being charged with a crime in their absence.


Some lawmakers in the EU are worried that the prosecutors’ move, if successful, may deter potential whistleblowers from supplying information on people accused of shifting their wealth to tax havens through accounts protected by secrecy laws.

In the appeal, prosecutors called for Elmer to receive a 36-month jail sentence, 24 of which would be suspended. Last year the Zurich upper court gave him a suspended sentence for forging documents and threatening Julius Baer following his dismissal. Elmer denies all charges.

One European lawmaker expressed concern over the lack of protection for whistleblowers in Switzerland, saying the aggressive prosecution of Elmer and others confirmed the country had not really changed its ways regarding tax crimes and money laundering.

« We’re going to be paying very close attention to this case, » said Ana Gomes, who co-chairs the European Parliament’s Committee of Inquiry into money laundering, tax avoidance and tax evasion. « We’ll be putting pressure on our authorities in the way they deal with Switzerland, and of course the way the Swiss deal with whistleblowers is extremely relevant for us. »

Swiss banks employ large numbers of people in London, as well as New York, and a British lawmaker said employees of bodies under UK jurisdiction cannot be subject to an extraterritorial law.

« This would be unacceptable, » John Mann, a Labour Party member of parliament’s Treasury Select Committee, told Reuters. « We need a position whereby people feel confident to whistle blow wherever they are based. There’s a danger this could have ramifications for the Swiss banks in Britain. »


The prosecutors argued that a legal precedent is needed to send a message to disgruntled people laid off from Swiss banking groups across the globe. Referring to Elmer in the appeal, they said: « A former banker, disappointed and embittered by his career, perceived himself to be in lawless territory … and caused great damage. »

The law, they argued, does not require that « the contractual activity be exercised under Swiss law » for Swiss bank secrecy to apply. Even contractors, lawyers and consultants who perform work for a Swiss bank internationally should fall under the obligation, they added.

Anti-corruption expert Mark Pieth disputed this in documents submitted by Elmer’s lawyer to the court. Should Switzerland extend the Banking Act beyond lenders regulated by the country’s FINMA financial watchdog or expand the definition of staff covered, parliament would have to change the law, Pieth said in a legal opinion seen by Reuters.


Bank secrecy has been eroded since Switzerland agreed, beginning in 2008, to transfer details of thousands of UBS clients to U.S. tax authorities. In return, the U.S. government dropped charges against the bank for helping wealthy Americans to dodge taxes.

The scandal was set off by former UBS employee Bradley Birkenfeld, who in 2007 gave U.S. authorities information exposing the methods Swiss bankers used to help clients conceal assets.

In the aftermath, Swiss laws and bilateral treaties were amended to allow greater information-sharing on tax matters. At the same time, however, prison sentences for breaching bank secrecy were increased from a maximum of six months to up to five years.

Whistleblowers and new disclosure standards have proven costly for Swiss banks, which have suffered hundreds of billions of dollars in outflows as a result and become the subject of tax inquiries in a number of countries. Over a third of Swiss private banks have permanently closed.

An attempt to apply bank secrecy to the thousands of people working for Swiss bank subsidiaries abroad would be « way too broad », said Luc Thevenoz, who heads the University of Geneva’sCentre for Banking and Financial Law.

But if Elmer were found on appeal to have been employed directly by Julius Baer rather than its Caribbean subsidiary, it would be admissible to convict him regardless of where he was based.

« They want to persuade the court that Elmer was an employee of the Swiss entity, » Thevenoz said. « If they succeed, I have no problem with the conclusion that Elmer would have been bound by Swiss banking secrecy. If they fail, I don’t see how the court can convict him. »


Remise en cause de l’échange automatique d’information de la Suisse avec des pays dits « corrompus » comme l’Inde … ? le principal parti suisse tient cette position … Mais pour avoir de la corruption, ne faut-il pas un corrupteur ? La Suisse et ses banques autant de vierges effarouchées … ?


Elmer promet de livrer ses dossiers si on le blanchit en Cour de Justice :

Whistleblower Rudolf Elmer may soon release account data from Julius Baer bank

Trutheum : les lanceurs d’alerte doivent être récompensés … un  mouvement né en Suisse

la charte de Trutheum –


Le coût des poursuites à l’égard d’Elmer :

Who are the criminals?
Rudolf Elmer, Julius Baer, Prosecutors or even the Judges of Zurich?The agony and the ecstasy of whistleblowing in Switzerland

An account of actions against the whistleblower, his family and the citizen of Switzerland

This document (in English) explains the scope of administrative work performed by the judicial system of Zurich, which now moves in an astronomical level. As of today, more than 100 six-centimeter thick binders have been compiled on the basis of a trial which has lasted, as of today, for a period for more than 12 years. There have been 1,741 pages of indictments, judgments, pleadings and expert reports published (this does not include the number of pages of all interrogation protocols, legal orders, supplements, evidence, etc.), 48 prosecutorial interrogations of Rudolf Elmer by public prosecutors, and 5 judicial coercive actions. The costs of which are now largely borne by the citizen and taxpayers. Bank Julius Baer & Co. AG, Zurich and the General Counsel of the Julius Baer Group, attorney Christoph Hiestand, are the sources of his misrepresentation on his interrogation on August 18th, 2008 where Christoph Hiestand lied. Despite Mr. Hiestand’s manipulative behavior and deceptions in the court proceedings (attachments), he will not be held responsible by the judicial system of the state of Zurich.

In particular, the principle of the Swiss Federal Constitution, article 8 states that, « All are equal before the law ». However, this principle has not been followed by the prosecution office and the judges in the Causa Elmer. Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd., Zurich …… the link to the document (in English)

The pressure made by the Prosecutor and Judges on a child on top of it not protecting the child from the stalkers and private detectives by the Police and by the judicial system of Zurich escalated to a point which is simply chocking and disgusting but demonstrates in my view the revenge taken by these powerful bodies of Switzerland on a whistleblower and his family!
Her the link to the document

Whistleblower Protection in Switzerland is a « NO-GO » due to the fact that the financial industry and particularly the private sector would loose so much dubious business or to be blunt PROFIT !!! That is simply the truth and the driving force behind all retaliation against truth tellers within Switzerland!

The evidence (attmt Nr 1: initial German complaint) mentioned in the document:

Letter of JB to Prosecution Office confirming Rudolf Elmer is not employed with Bank Julius Bär & Co. AG, Zuerich, therefore Swiss Bank Secrecy cannot be applied!
The Link
Documents kept secret (newspaper report: Prosecution witheld key documents!
The Link
Lies of Julius Baer
1) Legal Council: Swiss Bank Secrecy
2) Legal Council: Harrassement
3) The evidence JB Top Management had to be reported to the criminal registra of Switzerland (VOSTRA): Against JB Management


L’ex-banquier zurichois Rudolf Elmer n’a pas vendu de données bancaires à des groupes néonazis. (La Tribune de Genève 9/6/17)

There is the related article of WELTWOCHE « Ein schlechter Informant » (« a poor informant ») and the publishing of the verdict of the Higher Court of Zurich related to the statement in the article « Rudolf Elmer gave client data of Julius Baer to several groups of NeoNazis ». The latter statement represents a severe unlawful violation of privacy of Whistleblower Rudolf Elmer!

La Weltwoche s’est rendue coupable d’atteinte à sa personnalité et à son honneur en affirmant le contraire dans un article de janvier 2011. La justice zurichoise a donné raison sur ce point au lanceur d’alertes autoproclamé.

En mai 2016, le Tribunal de district avait déjà reconnu coupable le magazine de droite dirigé par le conseiller national UDC Roger Köppel d’atteinte à la personnalité dans la même affaire. L’hebdomadaire avait été sanctionné pour avoir prétendu que Rudolf Elmer avait menacé de mort et insulté d’anciens collègues et supérieurs à plusieurs reprises.

Rudolf Elmer avait fait appel, estimant que l’hebdomadaire devait aussi être condamné pour avoir faussement laissé entendre qu’il avait vendu des données bancaires au parti d’extrême-droite PNS/PNOS et à des groupes néonazis. En seconde instance, la Cour suprême a donné suite à cet appel dans un jugement daté du mois dernier, rendu public vendredi.

Antisémitisme suggéré

Dans l’article du 26 janvier 2011, la Weltwoche a non seulement porté atteinte à l’intégrité professionnelle de Rudolf Elmer en tant qu’ancien collaborateur de la Banque Julius Bär, écrivent les juges. Elle suggère aussi une proximité du plaignant avec la scène néonazie et des sympathies pour l’idéologie d’extrême-droite.

Sur cette base, le lecteur moyen est susceptible d’attribuer à Rudolf Elmer une attitude antisémite, l’article soulignant au passage que la Banque Julius Bär est considérée comme juive. Une description des faits aussi incorrecte porte atteinte à l’honneur et à la personnalité du plaignant, conclut la Cour.

Le magazine doit publier le jugement

Ce verdict de seconde instance contraint désormais la Weltwoche à publier une version raccourcie du jugement dans ses pages et sur son site en ligne. En attendant, le jugement peut encore faire l’objet d’un recours au Tribunal fédéral.

Interrogé par l’ats, l’auteur de l’article Alexander Baur tient à relativiser l’importance de ce nouveau jugement. Le tribunal de première instance avait donné raison à la Weltwoche sur 14 des 16 points litigieux, rappelle le rédacteur. Ce chiffre descend à 13 après la décision de seconde instance.

Dans le jugement de première instance, la Weltwoche, son patron Roger Köppel et Alexander Baur avaient aussi été condamnés pour un article publié en 2012. Le magazine y avait qualifié Rudolf Elmer de «voleur de données» et de «maître-chanteur» dans un article intitulé «Traître honorable». Les conclusions de la justice sur cet aspect restent intactes.

Affaire Elmer devant le TF

Quant à la procédure pénale engagée contre l’ancien banquier, elle n’est pas encore arrivée à son terme. En août 2016, la Cour suprême zurichoise a reconnu Rudolf Elmer coupable de menaces et de faux dans les titres pour avoir voulu se venger de son ex-employeur à travers des courriels menaçants et des lettres falsifiées. En deuxième instance, elle l’a sanctionné de 14 mois de prison avec sursis.

La croisade de Rudolf Elmer contre les paradis fiscaux n’a en revanche pas été retenue contre lui. Il n’a pas été reconnu coupable de violation du secret bancaire. L’affaire est entre-temps remontée jusqu’au Tribunal fédéral (TF), Rudolf Elmer et le Ministère public ayant tous deux fait recours contre ce jugement. (ats/nxp)


WELTWOCHE stated that Rudolf Elmer provided data to Neo-Nazis and implied that he is an anti-semitist. However, this is definitely not true because I have made many wonderful jewish friends and to be crystal clear also many of them (Ex-US-Senator Carl Levin, both my US lawyers etc.) are strong and helpful supporters in my fight against the abusive practice not only of Julius Baer but also of certain media like WELTWOCHE and part of the Swiss legal system.

As a matter of fact I was trained by great jewish people like Hans J. Baer (known for his bold statements « Swiss Bank Secrecy makes us fat and impotent » or « the bankers lack the grace when stealing », Terry Murphy etc. and they taught me not only banking but also human relationships, living with the truth and that the truth will always win, how to defend tooth and nail and fight for your rights even if the opponents try to destroy you and your family as it has been happening in the Causa Elmer for more than 15 years.

Extract of the ruling of the Higher Court of Zurich dated May 9th, 2017 . The Higher Court of Zurich turned the case down to the Lower Court to review its verdict entirely.

The Swiss Press is now picking up and even comments comprehensively on the abusive practice of the two journalists ALEX BAUR und the owner of the newspaper and Swiss Parliamentarian ROGER KOEPPEL. It is an eye-opener to read how WELTWOCHE tries to play down the fact that they have lost again (already in 2012 AZ Media) against a whistleblower.

Here some reports (click on highlighted links)
1) Tagesanzeiger Zurich (German)
2) Persönlich (German)
3) Tribune de Geneve (French)


Elmer et la Justice suisse :


Création d’une plate-forme africaine de protection des lanceurs d’alerte :

Qui sont-ils ? :


Récupérer les données des fuites fiscales … la Belgique pourrait aussi s’y mettre … où en est-on en ce mois de mars 2017  ?

Le fisc envisage d’acheter les données détenues par les lanceurs d’alertes  – 14 novembre 2016 07:26

Le fisc aimerait récupérer des millions d’euros d’impôts non payés.   Il envisage d’acheter des données bancaires venant des paradis fiscaux détenue par des lanceurs d’alertes. Le ministre des Finances, Johan Van Overtveldt         a chargé l’Inspection spéciale des impôts (ISI) d’étudier la possibilité pour l’Etat   de racheter  les données bancaires venant des paradis fiscaux  et  concernant des contribuables  belges  détenues par des lanceurs  d’alertes,  ressort-il d’une réponse  à une

question parlementaire du député Georges Gilkinet (Ecolo). C’est La Libre Belgique   qui indique l’information.

Pourquoi? Par cette mesure,  les  Finances ambitionnent de récupérer les centaines  de millions d’euros ayant éludé l’impôt,  notamment dans les fuites connues  sous  les  noms  de  SwissleaksLuxleaks et Panama Papers.

Un  groupe  de  travail a été mis sur pied dans ce but. Il va analyser  les  exemples   de l’Allemagne et du Danemark, qui ont déjà cette possibilité. Son rapport  est   attendu au printemps  prochain.

Source: Belga

Copyright L’Echo


A 17 heures 45 ce lundi 19 décembre 2016, le ténor du barreau parisien William Bourdon concluait sa plaidoirie en flagornant le juge Michel Reiffers, «en acquittant Antoine Deltour, vous allez devenir l’honneur de la justice luxembourgeoise, l’honneur de la justice européenne» et recueillait du même coup des tombereaux d’applaudissements. La cause de son mandant n’est cependant pas entendue et elle ne se règle pas non plus à l’applaudimètre.

Le premier avocat général John Petry a requis lundi 6 mois de prison avec sursis et une amende de 1.500 euros contre Antoine Deltour, 31 ans, jugé par la justice luxembourgeoise pour avoir soustrait à son ancien employeur PricewaterhouseCoopers le 13 octobre 2010 plus de 40.000 pages de documents confidentiels. L’ancien auditeur en avait ensuite confié une partie, une vingtaine de milliers de pages attestant de l’optimisation fiscale de grandes entreprises clientes de la société de conseil, au journaliste français Edouard Perrin, 45 ans. Il les avait ensuite utilisés en mai 2012 dans une émission. On les a retrouvés sur le site internet du consortium international de journalistes ICIJ le 5 novembre 2014. Le journaliste de 45 ans figure aujourd’hui aussi sur le banc des accusés.

« Un euro c’est déjà trop »

Dans un premier jugement rendu le 29 juin, Antoine Deltour avait écopé de 12 mois de prison avec sursis et de la même amende. Le juge Marc Thill lui avait toutefois reconnu le statut de lanceur d’alerte pour avoir servi l’intérêt général en dénonçant des pratiques fiscales «immorales».

Fort de ce jugement et face à un réquisitoire de l’avocat général contestant la plénitude de la protection du lanceur d’alerte dont pourrait bénéficier l’ancien auditeur au regard de la jurisprudence de la Cour européenne des droits de l’homme, William Bourdon a fait valoir «l’absurdité» des critères fixés par John Petry et son contradicteur de la partie civile, PwC, Hervé Hansen. «Devoir prouver l’instantanéité de la conviction qu’Antoine Deltour est un lanceur d’alerte au moment même de la soustraction des documents, comme on érige l’instantanéité du vol en droit, est absurde» a répondu Me Bourdon à l’avocat général. «Pas un document n’a été versé au dossier pour étayer le préjudice subi par PwC. Alors quand on ne peut pas faire, on demande un euro, mais un euro c’est déjà trop», a rétorqué le représentant de M. Deltour face à ceux de son ancien employeur, PwC, qui avaient quelques minutes plus tôt rappelé que leur mandant avait subi un «préjudice grave» en devenant victime de cette fuite massive de documents confidentiels.

« Pas de bonne foi »

Comme en première instance, Me Hansen a dit ne pas croire qu’Antoine Deltour et Raphaël Halet (41 ans), un autre ancien employé de la firme ayant communiqué des documents confidentiels à M. Perrin, ne soient des lanceurs d’alerte. «Il n’y a pas de bonne foi de leur part» a prétendu l’avocat de PwC avant de souligner que se prétendre lanceur d’alerte n’était qu’une stratégie de défense «opportuniste» pour éventuellement se cacher derrière l’article 10 de la Convention européenne des droits de l’homme consacrant la liberté d’expression.

De cette joute verbale jouée avec emphase de la part de Me Bourdon n’est encore ressortie aucune décision des juges. La Cour d’appel doit entendre les représentants de MM. Halet et Perrin les 4 et 9 janvier prochains. L’avocat général a requis une simple amende contre l’ancien secrétaire du département fiscalité de PwC (9 mois avec sursis et une amende en première instance) et l’acquittement pour le journaliste (comme dans le jugement du 29 juin). Les parties défenderesses réclament l’acquittement «sur toute la ligne».

Lundi 12 décembre 2016 s’est tenue la première journée du procès en appel d’Antoine Deltour, Raphaël Halet et Edouard Perrin, les trois protagonistes du scandale « LuxLeaks ». Des militant·e·s venus de plus de 20 pays différents étaient présent·e·s pour les soutenir et réaffirmer l’importance de lutter contre l’évasion fiscale. Retour sur une mobilisation internationale sans précédent, coordonnée par les organisations de la Plateforme contre les Paradis Fiscaux et Judiciaires (notamment Attac France, ActionAid France – Peuples Solidaires et le CCFD-Terre Solidaire), Tax Justice Europe et les comités de soutien luxembourgeois et français.

la couverture de presse internationale : luxleaks-day-of-action-coverage

LuxLeaks Day of Action – Support the defendants!

Time and place: 11-12 December, Luxembourg

Join more than 100 campaigners from 20 countries across Europe, and show your support for the whistleblowers Antoine Deltour and Raphaël Halet, as well as journalist, Edouard Perrin, who helped expose the LuxLeaks scandal.

Thanks to the LuxLeaks scandal, we know that the Luxembourg government signed hundreds of secret tax rulings – also known as ‘sweetheart-deals’, which were brokered by PwC and allowed corporations to avoid taxes in the billion Euro scale. In total, the revelations, brought to light the secret tax arrangements of 340 corporations, which enabled them to lower their tax payments, in some cases to less than 1%.

These men should be praised, not pushed! Join the civil society campaign action to show our support for them, as they face trial in Luxembourg. Raphaël Halet Edouard Perrin Antoine Deltour Programme

When What Where …

Sunday 11 December

14.00 CITIM, Liberté, Luxembourg-Gare 2, rue du Fort Luxembourg 55 avenue de la Civil society press conference

18.30 Public event: Tax dodging, tax havens and the role of Luxembourg Olisy L-2261

Monday 12 December

9.00-9.45 Rotondes, 2448 Luxembourg Departs de la Luxembourg 4 Rue de la Rotonde, Morning briefing

9.45-12.00 ‘Tax Haven Safari’ – Bus tours (French and English) NB! Limited seats – Pre-registration required! Please sign up here: – – Civil Civil society press from: Rotondes, 4 Rue Rotonde, 2448 English tour: Registration French tour: Sold out society press

12.30-13.00 13.00-13.30 conference – English conference – French Novotel Luxembourg Centre 35, Rue du Laboratoire, 1911 Luxembourg Cité 2080 Luxemburg

 14.30-15.30 (Buy your own lunch on the way to Cité Judiciaire Speakers Action) Flexible Participants can go and watch the court-case (limited space!) or come back to Rotondes (4 Rue de la Rotonde) where movies will be screened (FR and ENG) about Antoine Deltour and Raphaël Halet

Vigil demonstration outside Demonstration and photo opportunity with torches outside the court room to support the LuxLeaks defendants Judiciaire, Bâtiment BC,

Aerial photo with banner

Welcome corridor for LuxLeaks defendants time 15.30-17.30 17.30-18.30 Cité 2080 Luxemburg Judiciaire, Bâtiment BC, the LuxLeaks court room

The events are organized by a coalition of civil society organizations, including CCFD-Terre Solidaire, Attac, Oxfam, ActionAid, Tax Justice Europe and the support committees of the defendants.

This publication has been produced with the assistance of the European Union. The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of the organizers and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the donor. 



(Tuesday December 6 2016)   

More than one hundred campaigners from 20 countries across Europe will be in Luxembourg to call for the protection of whistleblowers when the men who exposed the LuxLeaks scandal appear in court again next week.

On 12 December,  former PWC employees Antoine Deltour and Raphaël Halet, and journalist Edouard Perrin, will return to court after the verdicts of their initial trial earlier this year were appealed.

Activists from across Europe will demonstrate outside the court to show their support for the defendants. They will call on governments across the EU to protect whistleblowers and make multinational companies publish where they do business and what they pay in tax.

Tove Ryding, Tax justice Coordinator at the European Network on Debt and Development (Eurodad), said:

“These three men have the support of people from numerous countries across Europe who will all gather to show their support for their actions. The original sentences of Mr Deltour and Mr Halet were a total disgrace, and we want this injustice to stop. You shouldn’t have to go to court for exposing the fact that that multinational corporations are dodging taxes.

“These men deserve praise, not punishment. The information revealed in the LuxLeaks scandal should never have been secret in the first place, and has been praised by many political leaders.”

In 2014, all three men helped expose the secret sweetheart deals signed by the Luxembourg government that allowed numerous multinational corporations to reduce their tax bills dramatically, in some cases to less than 1%.


Media contact: Julia Ravenscroft, Communications Manager at Eurodad, on +32 486 356 814 or

Notes to Editors

About the trial: On 23 June 2016, a court in Luxembourg sentenced both Antoine Deltour to a 12 month suspended prison sentence and a €1500 fine, and Raphaël Halet to a nine month suspended prison sentence and a €1000 fine. Both have appealed their convictions. The journalist Edouard Perrin was acquitted, but the decision was appealed by the public prosecutor in Luxembourg. At the start of the trial, prosecutors asked for 18-month prison sentences for both whistleblowers and a fine for Perrin.

The Luxleaks revelations: Antoine Deltour and Raphaël Halet were former employees of ‘Big Four’ accountancy firm PwC who exposed hundreds of secret Luxembourg tax rulings – also known as ‘sweetheart-deals’, which were brokered by PwC and allowed corporations to avoid taxes in the billion Euro scale. In total, the revelations, which became known as LuxLeaks, brought to light the secret tax arrangements of 340 corporations, which enabled them to lower their tax payments, in some cases to less than 1%.


International Anti-Corruption Day 2016

Today is International Anti-Corruption Day, a day to reflect on how corruption continues to undermine our hopes for a better society, but also to reflect on the ways that we can make a difference in the global fight against corruption.

Ultimately, change will come from thousands of small acts of bravery and integrity, and for this reason we highlight today the inspiring story of a young Slovak official, Zuzana Hlávková, who last month blew the whistle on some very suspicious use of public money as part of the Slovak Presidency of the EU. You can read her story in an exclusive interview on our new website.

We need more people like Zuzana to speak up. For that reason, we are calling on the European Commission to bring forward legislation that would provide a minimum level of protection for whistleblowers all around Europe. This will also ensure that people like Antoine Deltour and journalists like Rafaël Halet are not prosecuted and persecuted for actions that are in all of our interests. Deltour and Halet’s case is back in court in Luxembourg on Monday.

You can sign our petition calling for EU-wide whistleblower protection at:

Empowering citizens in this way is at the heart of Transparency International EU’s new 2020 strategy, which you can read more about here.

We look forward to continuing the fight with you in 2017 and beyond!

Carl Dolan
Transparency International EU



Une nouvelle plate-forme de protection des lanceurs d’alerte :

EU Leaks – a new platform for whistleblowers


-le verdict du tribunal de Luxembourg  – extrait du blog de TJN :

The #LuxLeaks whistleblowers verdict: our statement


-une pétition à l’occasion de la loi en France :

-un arrêté en France de la Cour de Cassation, rassurant pour les lanceurs d’alerte :

-voir aussi pour rappel à propos du procès en mai :

-la mise à jour du Comité de soutien à Antoine Deltour :

pour Attac France : ce verdict, c’est la honte !   :                  2016-06-29-pr-verdict

-dans la presse et chez les ONG:[newsletterquotidienne]-20160630-[lespluscommentes/titre2]


Les condamnés iront en appel Les trois accusés français poursuivis au Luxembourg pour avoir mis au jour les pratiques fiscales décriées du Grand-Duché, le scandale LuxLeaks, sont fixés sur leur sort. Les deux lanceurs d’alerte écopent d’une peine de prison de 12 et 9 mois avec sursis. Quant au journaliste, il a été acquitté.

La justice luxembourgeoise a condamné à 12 mois de prison avec sursis l’ancien employé de la firme d’audit PricewaterhouseCoopers Antoine Deltour, à l’origine du scandale LuxLeaks, et à 9 mois avec sursis son ancien collègue Raphaël Halet, à l’issue d’un procès symbolique pour les défenseurs des « lanceurs d’alerte ».


Statements by leaders in relation to the Luxleaks revelations and trial:

o Michel Sapin, French Finance Minister urged the Ambassador to Luxembourg to: « assist [Mr Deltour] at this difficult time when he defends the general interest ». Source: BBC

o Margarethe Vestager, European Competition Commissioner: “everyone should thank the whistleblowers and investigative journalists” [who uncovered the so-called ‘Luxleaks’ scandal]. Source: Euractiv –

Pour :

Tax Justice campaigners today condemned the punishment of Antoine Deltour and Raphaël Halet – two whistleblowers who were instrumental in exposing the infamous ‘Luxleaks’ scandal.

Mr Deltour was given a 12 month suspended prison sentence and a €1500 fine. Mr Halet was given a 9 month suspended prison sentence and a €1000 fine. French journalist Edouard Perrin was acquitted.

All three men helped expose the secret sweetheart deals signed by the Luxembourg government that allowed numerous multinational corporations to reduce their tax bills dramatically, in some cases to less than 1%.

Tove Ryding, Tax justice Coordinator at the European Network on Debt and Development (Eurodad) said: “The sentences imposed on these men are a complete disgrace and an indictment of the system that has condemned them. They acted in the public interest and deserve thanks and protection from prosecution. They revealed the secret tax deals that allowed huge corporations to pay next to nothing to the public purse. These kind of deals mean both developed countries, and the poorest nations in the world, lose billions every year.

“This information should not have been secret in the first place. There is no reason why citizens should not be allowed to know where multinational corporations do their business and where they pay their taxes.”

More than 200,000 people have shown their support for Antoine Deltour through this online petition alone:

Ryding said: “We are calling for protection for all whistleblowers so that what happened to these three men today can never happen again. We also believe it is about time for the politicians to make multinational corporations publish the numbers showing where they make their profits and where they pay their taxes.”

Le courrier de soutien à Antoine Deltour, jugé avec deux autres personnes, ce 29 juin
Avec Elmer, ce 23 et 24 juin, la Suisse veut faire un exemple 
Ce mois de juin 2016, crucial pour la protection des lanceurs d’alerte ?
La proposition de Directive du groupe des Verts européens :
Elmer gagne contre le Neue Zurcher Zeitung  (19 mai) –
Une présentation de R.Elmer faite par Café Babel (Bxl) :

Réaffirmons notre souhait d’une plus grande transparence fiscale

18 mar. 2016 — Alors que le procès d’Antoine à Luxembourg débute fin avril, votre signature nous a aidé à mobiliser en sa faveur près de 250 personnalités et plus de 40 organisations en Europe et au-delà ( Nous souhaitons vous informer de l’existence d’une autre pétition qui a retenu notre intérêt car elle s’inscrit comme la nôtre dans le cadre de la lutte contre… Lire la suite

Lire la suite



Tax Justice-Europe  le 1 février 2016 à Bruxelles


L’appel d’ONG’s pour limiter le secret des affaires et soutenir ainsi la possibilité d’existence de « lanceurs d’alerte », alors que le Parlement européen décidera d’une Directive sur le secret des affaires, le 12 avril :



Surprise 370/16


L’appel d’Elisa Lucet  – pour défendre le journalisme d’investigation face au secret des affaires  – une pétition à signer, si vous ne l’avez fait … !


On trouvera ici une « Brève »de Kairos Europe Wallonie/Bruxelles – « Lanceurs d’alerte : coupables ou héros ? » – bref récapitulatif de 15 années de combat contre la corruption, l’évasion et la fraude fiscale – Il est temps de définir au niveau des pays européens et donc de la Belgique, un statut et des lois de protection du lanceur d’alerte, à l’image de ce qui existe aux USA et se prépare en France. Voir en page 8 de cette « Brève »  :   Lesdonneursbreves


R.Elmer, le Gandhi d’aujourd’hui …


Antoine Deltour voit son procès au Luxemboug fixé au 26 avril jusqu’au 4 mai 2016 – signez la pétition :

Au Luxembourg se crée enfin, -serait-on tenté de dire !-  un groupe de citoyens ( Tax Justice Luxembourg ) préoccupés des enjeux offshore de la finance, domiciliée au Grand-Duché …         et  01 Communiqué de presse_final_fr


Rudolf Elmer gagne un de ses procès à Zürich, mais Falciani a été condamné à 5 ans de prison pour « espionnage industriel agravé » : le blog sur Tax Justice Network

Guest blog: how Switzerland corrupted its courts to nail Rudolf Elmer