Union européenne : séparer le pouvoir politique et économique

Une communication de Sven Giegold (Verts européens) et un rapport préparé pour la commission constitutionnelle du Parlement européen :

48 proposals how to separate economic and political power in Europe
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Dear friends and colleagues,
The EU Commission has promised to update and strengthen the legal base
of the EU lobby register. Commission President Juncker made more
transparency one of his priorities. In order to outline what the
European Parliament wants, the Constitutional Affairs committee had
asked me to draft an initiative report on ?transparency, accountability
and integrity in the EU-institutions?. We now submitted this report.
Please find the report here:
15.000 lobbyists have significant influence on decision makers in
Brussels, more than in Washington D.C.. Citizens trust in EU-
institutions is near the historical low. We have to visibly separate
economic from political power to win back citizens trust. All 48
proposals in my report aim to refresh the promise of the treaties that
all citizens are equal before the EU institutions. We propose to make
the EU lobby register mandatory, to protect the integrity of MEPs,
Commissioners and staff against conflicts of interest by independent
oversight and to fully realise transparency and access to information.
EU institutions are more transparent, accountable and cleaner than most
other political institutions on national or regional level in Europe.
But local and national politics are less distant to citizens due to
more media coverage, more personal contacts and less language barriers.
EU politics feel like less influence for many citizens and more
influence for professional lobbyists. To narrow this perceived distance
to the European level, this report calls for a three-fold approach: EU
institutions have to enhance transparency, accountability and integrity
and set the highest standards possible in these areas. Our Green
objective remains: Building a European Democracy – strong, clean and
open to direct participation of citizens.
The constitutional affairs committee has the draft report on its agenda
for the 3rd of December. Amendments to the text are probably possible
until the end of January. Vote in committee could follow 2 month later
in March. Vote in plenary rather in April or May 2016. 182 MEPs signed
a pledge by Transparency International and committed to legislative
footprints themselves when drafting EU laws. 180 signed the pledge
?politics for people? by the ?ALTER-EU coalition? with similar demands.
Yet other MEPs argue with the independence of their mandate against any
further restrictions. Once the other political groups have decided
their positions we might need a lot of public support for many of our
With Green European greetings
Sven Giegold