La Corruption dans l’Union européenne : de 179 à 990 milliards € par an

Un rapport du Parlement européen :

The European Parliament issued a study on corruption this past week that contains some interesting findings.

Here are the top-line takeaways:

  • Corruption costs the EU between €179bn and €990bn in GDP terms on an annual basis (counting both direct and indirect costs)
  • Corruption in the EU has significant social costs and political costs. It is associated with more unequal societies, higher levels of organised crime, weaker rule of law, reduced voter turnout in national parliamentary elections and lower trust in EU institutions.
  • The cost of corruption risk in EU public procurement is around €5bn per year
  • The implementation of a full EU-wide e-procurement system could reduce the costs of corruption risk in public procurement by around € 920m each year.

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