En matière de prix de transfert et du BEPS, l’OCDE se dote d’un nouveau responsable issu d’E&Y …!

Le renard est dans le poulailler … ! Ici à l’OCDE comme ailleurs (à la Commission européenne), les bureaux d’audit sont aux postes de commande … bel étalage de démocratie ! le travail sur le plan d’action BEPS, les prix de transfert et les transactions financières leur est confié … et pendant ce temps-là, les citoyens sont confinés dans l’austérité et la réduction des services publics.


Mr Jefferson VanderWolk has been appointed Head of the Tax Treaty, Transfer Pricing & Financial Transactions Division in the Centre for Tax Policy and Administration. He will take up his duties in early July 2016.

In this capacity, Mr VanderWolk will support the Director in CTPA’s contribution to the strategic objectives of the Secretary-General in the area of taxation, leading and providing strategic direction to the Directorate’s work on tax treaties, transfer pricing and financial transactions. He will play a key role in the ongoing work on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS). He will work closely with other parts of the Organisation in the development and implementation of horizontal projects and corporate initiatives, and on strategies to advance the implementation and global impact of the OECD tax work, including through increased engagement with key partners.

Mr VanderWolk has been Executive Director at Ernst & Young in Washington since 2013, where his work focused on legislative and regulatory developments in the areas of corporate and international taxation. From 2011 to 2013, Mr VanderWolk served as International Tax Counsel to the US Senate Finance Committee …