Tim Cook de Apple reçu avec honneur en Irlande – Les ONG et DDCI réclament que Apple paient des impôts !

As Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, received the Gold Medal of Honorary Patronage of Trinity University Philosophical Society, DDCI demonstrated outside, asking Apple to pay its taxes, and drawing attention to the fact that Revenue gives away billions of potential public funds to Apple and other multinational corporations – with no public record, scrutiny or accountability.
We did manage to reach Cook himself as he entered the venue – unfortunately we don’t have photographs, but we are following up a few leads, as the press were there.
Here’s a copy to our latest report on Apple and corporate tax dodging in Ireland: http://debtireland.org/download/pdf/20151023141734.pdf
And finally, here’s a great article about Apple and tax by Irish Academic Andy Storey published this morning: http://dublininquirer.com/2015/11/11/andy-is-our-economic-recovery-based-on-a-silicon-bubble/