A l’époque des privilèges : qui sont ces riches ? comment les castes se reproduisent !

Qui sont ces riches du 1% des plus riches ?



Emmanuel Saez, a professor of economics at the

University of California, Berkeley, estimates that

the top 1 percent of American households now

controls 42 percent of the nation’s wealth, up

from less than 30 percent two decades ago. The

top 0.1 percent accounts for 22 percent, nearly

double the 1995 proportion.


MIAMI — Behind a locked door aboard Norwegian Cruise Line’s newest ship is a world most of the vessel’s 4,200 passengers will never see. And that is exactly the point.

In the Haven, as this ship within a ship is called, about 275 elite guests enjoy not only a concierge and 24-hour butler service, but also a private pool, sun deck and restaurant, creating an oasis free from the crowds elsewhere on the Norwegian Escape.

If Haven passengers venture out of their aerie to see a show, a flash of their gold key card gets them the best seats in the house. When the ship returns to port, they disembark before everyone else.

“It was always the intention to make the Haven somewhat obscure so it wasn’t in the face of the masses,” said Kevin Sheehan, Norwegian’s former chief executive, who helped design the Escape with the hope of attracting a richer clientele. “That segment of the population wants to be surrounded by people with similar characteristics.”

With disparities in wealth greater than at any time since the Gilded Age, the gap is widening between the highly affluent — who find themselves behind the velvet ropes of today’s economy — and everyone else.

ROOM FOR A DIP There’s space to stretch out in the Haven, while crowds mill around the pool elsewhere on the Escape. – Edward Linsmier for The New York Times

It represents a degree of economic and social stratification unseen since F.D. Roosevelt…